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  PART I: Cloze (20 points)

  Directions: Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank.

  Every street had a story, every building a memory. Those 1 with wonderful childhoods can drive the streets of their hometowns and happily 2 the years. The rest are pulled home by duty and leave as soon as possible. After Ray Atlee had been in Clanton (his hometown) for fifteen minutes he was 3 to get out.

  The town had changed, but then it hadn’t. On the highways leading in, the cheap metal buildings and mobile homes were gathering 4 possible next to the roads for maximum visibility. This town had no zoning whatsoever. A landowner could build anything with no permit, no inspection, no notice to 5 landowners, nothing. Only hog farms and nuclear reactors required 6 and paperwork. The result was a slash-and-build clutter that got uglier by the year.

  But in the older sections, nearer the square, the town had not changed at all. The long shaded streets were as clean and neat as when Ray roamed them on his bike. Most of the houses were still owned by people he knew, or if those folks had passed on the new owners kept the lawns clipped and the shutters painted. Only 7 were being neglected. A handful had been 8 .

  This deep in Bible country, it was still an unwritten rule in the town that little was done on Sundays 9 go to church, sit on porches, visit neighbours, rest and relax the way God 10 . It was cloudy, quite cool for May, and as he toured his old turf, killing time until the appointed hour for the family meeting, he tried to 11 the good memories 12 Clanton. There was Dizzy Dean Park where he had played little League for the Pirates, and there was the public pool he’d swum in every summer except 1969 when the city closed it 13 admit black children. There were the churches—Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian—facing each other 14 the intersection of Second and Elm like wary sentries, their steeples 15 height. They were empty

  now, but in an hour or so the more faithful would gather for evening services.

  The square was as 16 as the streets leading to it. With eight thousand people, Clanton was just large enough to have attracted the discount stores that had 17 so many small towns. But here the people had been faithful to their downtown merchants, and there wasn’t a single empty or boarded-up building around the square—no small miracle. The retail shops were mixed in with the banks and law offices and cafes, all closed for the Sabbath.

  He inched 18 the cemetery and surveyed the Atlee section in the old part, where the tombstones were grander. Some of his ancestors had built monuments for their dead. Ray had always 19 that the family money he’d never seen must have been buried in those graves. He parked and walked to his mother’s grave, something he hadn’t done in years. She was buried among the Atlees, at the far edge of the family plot because she had barely belonged.

  Soon, in less than an hour, he would be sitting in his father’s study, sipping bad instant tea and receiving instructions on exactly how his father would be laid to rest. Many orders were about to be given, many 20 and directions, because his father (who used to be a judge) was a great man and cared deeply about how he was to be remembered.

  Moving again, Ray passed the water tower he’d climbed twice, the second time with the police waiting below. He grimaced at his old high school, a place he’d never visited since he’d left it. Behind it was the football field where his brother Forrest had romped over opponents and almost became famous before getting bounced off the team.

  It was twenty minutes before five, Sunday, May 7. Time for the family meeting.


1. A. praisedB. celebratedC. blessedD. inherited
2. A. roll backB. drive backC. go backD. think over
3. A. excitedB. hilariousC. numbD. anxious
4. A. as loosely asB. as tightly asC. as firmly asD. as freely as
5. A. adjoiningB. hostileC. cravenD. friendly
6. A. documentsB. ratificationC. approvalD. testimony
7. A. a lotB. fewC. a littleD. a few
8. A. abandonedB. lostC. shatteredD. shunned
9. A. butB. exceptC. besidesD. rather than
10. A. intendsB. was intendingC. intendD. intended
11. A. dwellB. dwell onC. mull overD. sleep on
12. A. atB. inC. ofD. about
13. A. instead ofB. rather thanC. insteadD. in order to
14. A. withB. overC. atD. beyond
15. A. enjoyingB. looking overC. competing forD. competing to
16. A. lifelessB. boringC. nullD. tedious
17. A. wiped upB. wiped awayC. wiped downD. wiped out
18. A. toB. atC. intoD. through
19. A. assumedB. presumedC. alludedD. deluded
20. A. declarationsB. decreesC. depositionsD. declinations